I wandered onto safeminds.org while searching the net for something else entirely. I have heard plenty about about autism and vaccines, but somehow, I had never heard or seen anything about this “third variable” hypothesis. Have a look at these excerpts from a comment on a SafeMinds.org article about a theoretical autism/acetaminophen link. (At the bottom you’ll find links to the original article, where you can read the whole comment, and related material.)
I wonder why no one’s volubly de-bunking this one. It’s similar to the official silence on thetheoretical antidepressant/mass violence link.

Kerry Scott Lane MD
…insight into what has occurred since the late 1970s. While working at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in the lab of the famous Gastroenterologist, Dr. John Partin, an expert on Reye’s Syndrome, we were searching for the possible cause of this, which had a mortality rate of 50% and an incidence that peaked at about 5 per million. As I was looking into the toxicology of Aflatoxin, first suspected as a cause of Reye’s by Dr. Reye of Australia, I was struck by the similarity of the toxicology of aflatoxin and aspirin, as they both uncouple mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation. Hence the use of aspirin as a fever reducer, as it slows down the mitochondrial “Furnace”. I suggested this to Dr. Partin, and he and Dr. William Shubert published a seminal paper on this a few years later. The common wisdom then became to not use aspirin in the Pediatric population. Tylenol became in vogue despite many concerns about its toxicity.
So, the Autism Epidemic began in the early 1980s, and I can, unfortunately, take some small credit for that…. It pains me to see how this has transpired into the Pediatric Neuropsychiatric Epidemic it has become over the last 35 years.
Having studied the toxicology of Acetaminophen and how it depletes Glutathione, the bodies Master Antioxidant, it is clear as day to me, the trigger for Regressive Autism is Tylenol/Acetaminophen/Paracetamol. With limited or near zero Glutathione in the brain at time of vaccination, the body is unable to detoxify the metals in the vaccines via the Metallothionein system. Hence the children regress in the peri-vaccination period due to a Synergism between Tylenol and metal Adjuvants in vaccines.”
Hence- the Autism vaccination link. As pointed out by William Shaw Ph.D., Cuba has the highest vaccination rate in the world but virtually zero Autism. Why?-they have none and use no Tylenol in Cuba. CASE CLOSED!!!
As to the question what happened with the ‘Stealth Recall” of all Tylenol in the US, there is an explanation that was never really adequately publicized. I spoke before an FDA panel of 30 plus experts in 2009 explaining my theory of Autism Causality and acetaminophen. My talk pointed directly at the synergism between Acetaminophen and Gliotoxin, a fungal/yeast toxin produced by Candida and Aspergillus, which has the unfortunate side effect of binding to and depleting Glutathione, like acetaminophen. Quite a coincidence..!!!
What happened next? The FDA raided the Ft. Washington, PA. plant and found numerous hygiene, sanitation and manufacturing deficiencies, including contamination of the manufacturing drums for Tylenol with the Aspergillus mold producing Gliotoxin, and the spores that generate same. Being the responsible Corporation they are, the manufacturer removed all Tylenol from every store in the USA, but never revealed why…Now you know why…
FDA and USDOJ were involved in a Consent Decree on this matter, the first time in history such a collaboration has happened. It would have even more responsible if the FDA had also placed BLACK BOX WARNINGS on Tylenol and acetaminophen containing products, but I suspect FDA is a victim of “Regulatory Capture,” and no one at FDA had the courage to speak up, as Dr. Woodcock of FDA explained to me in a letter in 2012, “the science was not there yet”.. .
Well, it is now, and I suggest every parent and Autism stakeholder bombard the FDA, the Media, the IACC, and petition the LORD himself to stop this massacre….Also, a few well placed trial lawyers might get the ball rolling, and I can be reached to testify at my E-mail address above…
Lastly, Sonia, knowing the causes of Autism can and will lead to mitigation and even near-cure therapies soon. For now, the important thing is to get the word out and stop the use of Acetaminophen/Tylenol, as Motrin is a safe alternative.
“That’s all I have to say about that”-Forrest Gump.
Kerry Scott Lane M.D.

(The first interesting thing I read about autism was an article about it in Psychology Today that I read as a child. I was envious of the autistic children, who were described as “living in their own worlds.” It sounded really nice.)